Betwixt and between

Developed senses lessening, words condemed in the myriad-world of words to reach out slay me. Condemned am I to convention of life, death and in-between—betwixt and bedeviled.

Now words may condem me. Words!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

I was just a kid and we would rattle that saying off as a taunt to some threat or other. 

Words will never hurt me.

That was then, 70 or more years ago.

Today I live in an era where words may be my downfall.

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2 thoughts on “Betwixt and between

  1. Wow!! Very dramatic and true. How many will see and hear this??? Very bold and courageous of you. Are you sharing this at poetry/ writing etc? Proud of you. 😊👍💕Cindy

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