A friend chastises me for my RINO post on Young Kim, citing President Reagan’s conservatism’s eleventh premise. She states that we should not criticize fellow Republicans.

My bride responds: During his campaign In 1966 for governor of California, Ronald Reagan did say: thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.  How can that apply to Romney and others in whom we are disappointed? Free speech allows us to question and have an opinion even regarding fellow Republicans.  If we don’t, even our own party members will have no accountability.

We must stand up for principles.  

My friend also pointed out that Young Kim, now Representative Kim, was a Republican and was generously supported by the Republican Party. Yes, I know that.  However, Kim campaigned as an independent. Her promotions never mentioned that she was a Republican. I corrected my post to reflect that she ran as a Republican but campaigned as an independent.

I wrote postcards for her. The script –she was an independent—and I signed some guy’s name who was, apparently, an independent. I supported her financially. I proposed to have a billboard in our district to promote her—I would pay for it. One stipulation was that, in addition to promoting her, it would say “vote Republican” or Vote for President Trump.  She deferred my offer. Granted, she is in a tough district that leans Democrat so she needs to represent all her constituents.

Representative Kim often said that she would strive to work “across the aisle” to compromise. We want compromise, but we don’t want her, or any Republican, to capitulate and fall in line with an agenda that will adversely affect our freedoms, our responsibilities, or the exceptionalism that is our United States and our Constitution. We have been the most successful melting pot of culture, religion, races the world has ever known. Mistakes, sure, can we be better, sure. Let’s strive to be the best.

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