New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia.  We “Princessed” for two weeks and then visited Cindy’s “Penpal” friends in Brisbane, returning home late-January.  Celebrating the New Year on the “Ruby.”

Elizabeth and Barry took us to their 300- acre working ranch for a restful  end to a fantastic vacation. 

We visited the red rocks of Sedona, AZ, for a few nights in October plus Prescott to visit our friends, Karen Petlin and Dolly and Michael Chandler.  

We attended several rallies and fundraisers.  Cindy shook hands with Vice President, Mike Pence. We plan to go to GA in January to be Vote Center Observers.

Fritz coordinates several classes at CSUF-OLLI by Zoom and bicycles Fullerton’s hillsides for exercise.  As Vote Center observer he reported several issues to EIPCa and the OC Registrar of Voters. Cindy delved into her family history with photos and videos from early 1900’s to present.

                                                            Gabriel with Jenna. He spent the spring with us while his mother, Brittaney was working. Cindy home-schooled and zoomed classes–we respect all parents who have a kids at home trying to learn during the shutdowns.

Cindy’s Golden Retriever, Jenna, died in June and Cindy is prayerfully looking  for another puppy.

We Zoom with our square dance club members and meet in the park with our Pictionary group. 

We pray that you have a fantastic, prosperous 2021!

Cindy and Fritz

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