Rebel with a Passion

My life has been touched by U.S. history – the McCarthy era, the Vietnam War, and other events. I will discuss how these events shaped my destiny. 

I have written this memoir to share the ups and downs of my journey on this planet and hope you will find it meaningful and enjoyable to read about my various adventures.

Despite a sad beginning as a foster child, I was able to carve out a successful life as an attorney. I retired in 2014 at the age of 83 after many satisfying years of helping others. 

“Rebel with a Passion for Justice, Peace, and Helping Others”.

            Chapter One:  Early Years                           

                           My Roots                                         

                           Early Memories     

             Chapter Two: Growing Up                           

                            The Road to Independence

                           Love and Friendship

             Chapter Three: Social Activist

Gaining Power Through Community

                           The Vietnam Era

                           My Spiritual Journey

              Chapter Four: Personanl Fulfillment

My Love of Poetry

                         Folk Music and Dance in My Life

Becoming a Vegetarian

               Epilogue: Service to Others, My Life’s Motif 

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As I write this in 2020, I have just celebrated my 89th birthday on January 10. Although I have some medical issues, I am still enjoying a satisfying, active life which I will describe in this memoir. I am fortunate to have loving family members: My son Dan who lives with me, my daughter Karen and son-in-law Bob who live the Bay Area, and my brother-in-law Stan who also lives with me. I also have two caretakers, Aido and Georgeta, who help us in many ways.

This year has been challenging in many ways. In January I suffered a stroke. Fortunately, I was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital in Orange and a medication was administered which alleviated my symptoms. My speech was not affected. I have been using a walker to help me feel more secure when walking.

In March my life changed dramatically due to the Corona virus pandemic. I have been staying at home and conducting my usual activities on the computer which I will discuss in this memoir. 

Ruth Shapin

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