Meg McWade Note!

A 2 inch wide by 12-inch deep trench extending 200 yards was left open along Malvern Avenue between Bastanchury and Gilbert over the weekend (September 20th).  The trench extended through the middle of a pedestrian crosswalk. In addition, one 12 inch square by 12-inch deep hole was left unfilled.

For a bicycle rider or pedestrian this (Bike Eating Trench) could have resulted in an accident.  

Apparently Corbel Communications Industries, Inc., Traffic Management, Inc. and the City of Fullerton are not worried about safety. The trench was unmarked until TMI came along and began signing it to continue cable installation on Monday morning about 8:30 am. 

It is not uncommon to ride a bicycle close to the curb-I saw it in time another cyclist might not.   It’s bad enough to thread through rocks and holes on our city streets but to have an open trench is unconscionable. Yes, I did phone city maintenance to correct the problem.

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