In Time for Halloween–Buy now for your preschool child or grandchild

Linda was sure that their next-door neighbor, Mrs. Gormley, was a witch.  All the kids on the block knew it.  She frightened them.   

“She’s scary,” Linda said to her mom when asked to borrow some sugar from Mrs. Gormley.  Linda learns a lesson and becomes a hero of the neighborhood among her friends. 

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This story was written for my Creative Writing class at OLLI.  It was supposed to be a Halloween story and something about the prompt reminded me of a house from my childhood.  Back in the late 1940s, my family lived in Milwaukee in a nice residential neighborhood.  My sister and I played with the other kids on our block but one thing we were all careful of was the house next door to us.  It was a dark-hued house with a fenced-in yard that had not been taken care of in a while. All of us kids felt and thought of it as a witch house and knew that if a ball was kicked into this lady’s yard, the ball was dead to us.  Because Mrs. Gormley was obviously a witch.

So I wrote the story and then read it in the Creative Writing class and when I had finished one of the class members said she’d like to illustrate it and make it into a book for her grandchildren if I didn’t mind.  No, I didn’t mind at all; I was flattered.  So Rayleen Williams did just that.  And here it is.  We hope you like it.

ISBN: 9798683572679

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