Roads are Third World class!

Roads, Fullerton’s roads, are Third World Class! I could vote for the 1.25% sales tax increase if it went for roads ONLY.  As it is, the increase will salve Meg McWade’s administration* and there is little guarantee that our roads will be replaced (too late to repair them).  Just like she doubled your water bill and how many miles of pipe were replaced last year and this year? 

We are paying $100k for a mailer to convince us we are “Preserving community services and quality of life….” The mailer touts it will “retain local businesses and jobs.”  Higher taxes do not create jobs.  We can go to Anaheim or Buena Park or Brea to spend our hard-earned money. (See accompanying chart)

How come the cities of Brea, Buena Park and Anaheim (and most other cities in Orange County) can operate at 7.75% sales tax and Fullerton needs 9%?  Be aware—La Mirada and most LA County cities are at a minimum 9.5%–WOW-the blunderbuss county to the west is a BIG spender! Beware that does not happen here-accede a little now—lose a lot later.

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