A Black Lives Matter Activist On Why She Supports Looting.

Is she right?  Is the only way to an “elites” attention through looting and burning and flouting laws?  Maybe BLM organizer, Ariel Atkins, is right.  She has my attention and I don’t like it.  The “elites?”  How are they reacting—if at all?

Susan B. Anthony certainly flouted the law and was convicted— of voting!  Martin Luther King Jr.advanced civil rights by civil disobedience yet through nonviolence.  Colonists dumped chests of tea into Boston Harbor—kind of like looting wouldn’t you say?

No question that my nonviolent protests on street corners and in my blog are meaningless.  No chess piece has moved to my bleats and pleas.  In fact, I don’t think many people even know that I, Don Fritz, is jousting at windmills. 

I mention “elites” because I am a “little people.”  The movers and shakers are moving and shaking yet appear to be ignoring the question/s, the issue/s, the chaos that swallows chunks of America, one statue, one statute at a time. Nothing solved.

Ms. Atkins continues, “Oh, you support the looters.’ And yeah, we do, 100%. That’s reparations. We’re angry and this is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna take the power back….. Winning has come through revolts. Winning has come through riots… we’re going to do what we want ”  

She has my attention.   

To read the full interview on August 12, 2020, by Rob Wildeboer, WBEZ Chicago, click HERE.

One thought on “A Black Lives Matter Activist On Why She Supports Looting.

  1. She is young and naive. One day, as she matured, she will regret her statement. But then, I regret a lot I’ve said in my life, and my view of the world has shifted. A good thing, for sure.


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