Love Thy Neighbor

The benediction today by our pastor:

Continue, my friends, to know your neighbor, next door or far.
Sustain kindness, living as equals, while still advocating for generous equity, Attempt a comprehensive gospel, modeled on God’s mysterious, inclusive, gift. 

Don’t worry about a script, simply listen and hear, even if it isn’t simple; laugh and cry, even if the humor makes you cry;  Be full‐throttled, even when limits are posted. 

May God be known to you in fullness and stillness; May Christ Jesus be the fully human life example; And may the Holy Spirit deliver melody to intone your chorus of peace, even when surrounded by a chattering world. 

May God who is adept at finding Word and healing for all times, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, Zoom into your life! 

We go in God’s peace to celebrate and make a difference! 


Be full-throttled–in other words, strive on with purpose to improve the lives of others, even in this chaotic place and time. Your actions validate your faith.

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