A Pastor Speaks Out!

“Celebrate America’s Constitution,” says Pastor Jack Hibbs of the Calvary Church in Chino Hills in his Fourth of July message.  56 men in one room—wealthy, successful, smart—gave up their comfortable lives to establish a new way of life.  The United States is great because of their efforts and the individuals who strived to improve a society for all people of every culture, race and thought—a country like no other.

He stated: Yes, support Black lives matter but don’t support Black Lives Matter, Inc.—their agenda is to destroy the nuclear family and thus destroy the United States.

Today we are complacent, lazy, pathetic for not standing up for our country.  Pastor Hibbs pleaded that we resolve to stand up:

1.) Resolve – To remember our humble beginnings. 

2.) Resolve – To learn what we should have learned. 

3.) Resolve – To value what makes a nation great.

4.) Resolve – To desire the greater good for others 

5.) Resolve – To decide to do what is right 

6.) Resolve – To seek God desperately 

7.) Resolve – To uphold His law again

8.) Resolve – To stop being silent in the face of evil 

9.) Resolve – To act worthy of the Gospel in our day 

10.) Resolve – To pray for the LORD to intervene again. 

If you believe in the United States you must see Pastor Hibbs’ Fourth of July message. Click HERE

Listen, Learn, Understand–Then speak out.

Stand up for your America

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