A lifetime honored

As the observance and commemoration of John Lewis’s life resonate throughout our nation, I reflect upon Dr. Martin Luther King and his effect on me.

There were many heroes and mentors in my life, women, and men whose actions and words were forming me. I was searching for truth and purpose and questioning my philosophy, my thoughts, my soul. I am so fortunate that my heroes and mentors were positive influences in a more naive era.

I was in college during the freedom rides and marches and chaos of the early ’60s and the Reverend King was a mentor.  I remember the conversation and the location when I told my wife to be, Patricia, how I admired what he was doing.

I am a sinner for sure, saying and doing and thinking wrongs.  

Hopefully I am a better person because I listened and learned from my mentors.

Listen, Learn, Understand, Then Act.

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