Do lizards have souls?

Cindy walked right up to this Egret about to swallow his prey.  Lots of lizards in our yard, sunning themselves in the noonday heat.  The Egret stalked this unfortunate soul, standing motionless for several minutes and then went into a stretching exercise—head bobbing up and down and side to side as if judging the distance and best angle of attack.  Do lizards have souls?

Unusual for such a bird in our neighborhood.  The nearest lake is about two miles away and the river is several miles to the east (unless you count the concrete culverts draining excess water from soulless “neoconservationists” watering their lawns). Do as I say not as I….

We enjoyed this casual diner visiting us the other day.

I thought it would be fun to post something so non-controversial that you would just enjoy Cindy’s photo and move on.

Stay safe.

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