Standing up for Free Speech

Human Rights Activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, speaks out for Bari Weis.  Remember Bari being “terrorized” by the Grey Lady’s (NYT) censorship?  

“What we are seeing is, not that the leadership is being silenced and doing nothing, no,” Ali stated, “They are actively appeasing the mobs and then we know, really know, that things are going to go off a cliff.”

“This is about Western civilization, and I think we are transitioning from being open societies to becoming a closed society,” she said. “What defines an open society? It is freedom. What defines a closed society? It is fear, and it looks like The New York Times newsroom and opinion pages are adopting fear.”

Thanks, Ayaan for standing up for Bari, for free speech and against the cancel culture—the fear mongers.

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