Perspective on Social Distancing

If the world population stood in a line with 6 feet between each person the line would be nearly 9 million miles long (9,000,000).  If those whose death these last 6 months attributed to coronavirus stood in a line with 6 feet between each person the line would be about 188 miles long.  By the way, that is a death rate of 0.000021 if I did the math correctly.  

Of course this is serious—we don’t want people dying in the streets. 

However, we need sensible guidelines to go on with our lives—now.

A hundred or so people were walking and playing around Laguna Lake today.  Most wore masks, some did not. Yesterday our Coscto had a line from the entry to the AMC Theater—about 500 feet or approximately 80 customers waiting to get in—we decided not to shop there-we only needed birdseed. We went into Walmart on Lemon and it had throngs of shoppers and the shelves were relatively full.  We bought a few items, mainly bananas and bread—oh and some “essential” double filled Oreo cookies.  

Thanks to all the employees working at all the essential services in markets, keeping our water and electricity flowing and don’t forget our nurses and doctors and hospital staff. 

We are especially thankful for doctors and staff at Keck Medical center for the successful surgery of a good friend just last Thursday.  He is up and walking and in his normal good spirits.

If we can buy stuff at Costco or Walmart or walk around Laguna Lake why can’t we go to the bike shop to maintain Cindy’s bike or to any of the stores listed “non-essential” that are, at some point essential?  

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