According to Worldometer

Today, April 18, 2020, Coronavirus was the cause of approximately 5% of the total deaths worldwide, outnumbered by cancer (14%) and smoking (8%) and just above HIV/AIDS (4%) and road accidents (3%) with seasonal flu representing 1% and guns representing 0.08%.  Death due to poor water and abortions are not included in this count. 

Yes, Coronavirus is taking lives indescriminately but it is not overwhelming.  Should we be concerned? Yes. 

Should the entire world economy come to a halt, threatening more than half of humanity with loss of livelyhood?  With nearly 8 billion people on this rock, 4 billion are threatened by lack of necessities.  The essentials of food, shelter, etc. 

So let’s get back to work.  Open up America.  At least commit to the three phased guidelines presented yesterday by our White House administration.  

  • Phase 1: employers should telework when feasible, with a phased return to work, minimal non-essential travel and accommodation for the vulnerable. Social distancing would continue and vulnerable people would continue to shelter in place.
  • Phase 2: non-essential work travel could resume, and schools, gyms, churches and large venues could reopen with social distancing in place. Elective surgeries would resume.
  • Phase 3: bars, gyms and large venues would reopen with relaxed social distancing and proper sanitation. Phase three would represent a return to “a new normal,” 

The guidelines are not orders from the federal government, and states can move at their own speed but let’s get going. Wear a mask, wash your hands, commit to social distancing.

Save humanity—time to get back to work.

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