Paddle Wheeler on the Columbia River

Exploring the city of The Dalles, Oregon, we stumbled onto a series of murals depicting 10,000 years of history: Native American Indians, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the pioneers who forged a new life at the end of the Oregon Trail.

Native Americans along the Columbia River

We were delighted in searching side streets to discover most of the !6 murals apparently commissioned in 1993 by The Dalles Chamber of Commerce and another mural, depicting wildlife, that surrounded a large warehouse. 

Medicin Man
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Lewis and Clark Portage around a river rapids
Settlers arrive at the end of the Oregon Trail

The Hub Warehouse

North side of the Hub warehouse
Salmon going upstream on the Columbia River
Wildlife along the Columbia River

The murals were not mentioned on board the Queen of the West—another missed prospect, also we did not realize that there was audio descriptions of the murals.

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