Live Your Life or….

Shirley Smith is participating in our book signing at the Fullerton Public Library Authors’ Day, October 27th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Location: 353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832. Click HERE for more information.

In this book, Shirley invites the reader into her world of living her life.  She shares some of her habits which equal living a full determined life.  For Shirley life is definitely how you look at it and she looks at it through her own lens.  She was raised in a household of alcoholism, drama, trauma, emotional anguish and shame to the 10th degree.

When she graduated from high school and left home, she thought her past would forever be her past.  Little did Shirley know, as an adult, her childhood would rise up to send her into depression?  Making choices is a hallmark of her life.  Choosing to see through her own personal lens of a full life, she was never drawn to alcohol or drugs but to help through psycho therapy“Live your life or life will drag you along.”

After years of listening to her speak, various people would say,you should write that down!  Finally in 1999 she did. Shirley sat down at her computer and started on a road trip of her insights.   Where a person begins in life was not their choice.  Where a person ends life may not be their choice.  Where a person travels in between is their choice.

You don’t have to stay between the linesof life that others have drawn for you.  If you chose, you can live a lines-free-life.  Read about it, Shirley says YES you can.


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