The Story of Big M

Curt Abdouch is participating in our book signing at the Fullerton Public Library Authors’ Day, October 27th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Location: 353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832. For more information click HERE.

In story of Big M, the Mammoth of Moorpark, is one of travel, tragedy and triumph. What happened on the last day of this mammoth’s life and beyond? Once the story of this remarkable find is told, author Curt Abdouch connects it to other notable mammoth species and mammoth-related events. Many questions are answered. How much of it was recovered by paleontologists in 2005 in southern California? How was it identified? What were BIG M’s vital statistics? For example, how old, heavy and tall was it? Was “it” a male or female?

Where is it now? And why was any of this important? After all, Abdouch asserts that it “was but one life removed from the tapestry of the population and the species.” How do mammoths fit into science and culture today? Will an attempt to bring back a mammoth from extinction succeed? This is especially intriguing if it happens, especially in the face of modern day elephant relatives that are being slaughtered by the thousands each year to satisfy greed and could send them on the final fatal

Curt Abdouch is a professional naturalist, environmental educator, writer and designer with over 50 years’ experience and is founder and president of juST`-EAMagine. His professional career began in nature centers, one of which he founded and directed. His museum and wildlife conservation work and travel have led him to many destinations around the world and have solidified his affinity for and expertise for wildlife, conservation and the environment. He is former Administrator of the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries in Los Angeles, California. He served on the editorial staff of Ranger Rick’s Nature Magazinewhile withthe National Wildlife Federation in Washington, DC, where he ultimately served as NWF’s Director of Member Programs. In California, he also served in staff and faculty capacities at UC Irvine and USC.

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