now they know!

three notions in the rain
my hair damp with drizzle
my shoe strings loose
I bend over, precipitously
retying, frazzled strings
formidable knots
damp with drizzle
pulling, tugging
one free then the other
finally, obliging tied into knots
I stand bombarded with drizzle
croaking voice
bombarding his students with jokes
they chuckle condescension
egging the blind
this could be ivy league
protected under the overhang
but no
the expectations go to them
they won’t come to us
if they come at all in the deluge
a third venture
a third follow
a third drone
counters with tricky, sticky fingers
it’s a club
where you’re in, or you’re out in the rain
insidious scratching
itching in dark, forbidding places
exposing transgressions
protecting your own is the game
being family and all
ever wonder why anyone would prescribe to such nonsense, such babbling, such ranting, what do they know? they couldn’t understand could they? oh well, this about rain and gloom,
now they know!

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