Goatee—or Not?

Goatee—or Not?
That is the question.

“Should I keep it?”
Overwhelming “yes!”
My poetic peers poll
A no or two

Scholarly validation
Humble sophistication
Transcending derivation
Don Quixote!
Jousting at windmills
Squire and virgin
Quest personified
Bard’s tenacious incarnate
Romeo, oh Romeo
Proletariat acclaim
Wizened sage!
Hermit on the plinth
Philosophic mores
Mystic sustenance

She won’t kiss me!

“Should I keep it”?
Overwhelmingly “no!”

A happy wife
Is a happy life!

One thought on “Goatee—or Not?

  1. Enjoyed your presentation in class today. I think the class was in favor of the goatee.
    We will all be waiting for your appearance next week.


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