all these words
cluttering my mind
spilling onto paper
which may be good or bad
depending upon
the reader’s viewpoint

so what you say
some people don’t like what is written
when the wrong people see it

so what you say
hell… we have to live with them
we can’t if they don’t
we go in circles being “nice”

honesty counts
only if acceptable to the receptor
else we must couch in dishonest terms
like the Ten Commandments
the seven deadly sins
the rules
so many rules it’s hard to comply

so… I go to hell and burn
hopefully accomplished

in the meantime
I write into an aether no one has yet found
when the time comes
the slate is clean
no one will care

ashes to ashes, dust to dust and all that
are merely words
until it is me

click HERE to see Fritz read Words

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