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“If I take a hatchet to my dammed computer is that a crime?” … Jeanette Reese

in the effort to reduce paper waste
actually increase
which takes paper
which comes from trees
that were cut down
by hatchets
or whatever,

by taking “a hatchet”
to your computer
you’re actually saving

could be something Antifa should protest about
rather than chopping down the past

we learn from the past
that is what all our books are about
our past
look between the covers
our past

more trees killed
by hatchets
to make paper
so we can
sell our books
at a book signing!

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One thought on “Buy My Books

  1. That was hysterical, Fritz! I laughed so hard I began to worry the neighbors would get concerned. Oh, and my computer is still alive…I couldn’t find my hatchet. Okay, I’ll confess…I don’t own one…but I have one heck of a good hammer so if it gets weird again…


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