She sent me this sympathy card
after my Patricia succumbed to cancer:

“Dear Fritz
I am so sorry…about your loss….
Each of us handles grief in our own way…
A word of warning
the world is intolerant of single men…
Beware of women bearing casseroles—“

“Be on guard ‘gainst wimen
lookin’ for a man.
Bring ‘em on my friend
bring ‘em on.”

Striking a chord there was a flurry of poems,
dueling poems, so to speak.

We became friends
friends who had lost their spouse
friends who had grief to spare
friends who were lonely
looking for….love again

Poetry was our way
coming to grips
getting on with our lives
resulting in Catharsis
a response to share

We wrote lots of poetry
shared lots of emails
shared lots of activities
shared our souls

Not everyone has this comfort
a person who listens
a person who cares
a person to rely upon

Yes, we went separate ways
Yes, we kept our friendship

She is writing poetry for angels to sing

I will write poetry to praise His grace.


Our book, “Catharsis” is available on Amazon

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