Rollie Pollie Rap (Children’s Poem)

Rollie pollie, walkin’ ‘long the sidewalk
Rollie pollie, wonder where you’re goin’
I scrunch down to see you, walkin’ all alone
Lookin’ at a hundert legs, marchin’ right along
What you got in front of you?  Why whiskers like my cat!
Two eyes lookin’ out ahead—- I’m not sure of that
Rollie Pollie, stop and play with me
Oops into a ball you rolled, not very friendily
I scoop you up into my hand, and roll you back and forth
I close my fist but not too tight, so you have room to breathe
I open fingers just a bit, I look into your pen
But in a ball you’re still afraid, of great big me
I just want to be your friend, and play with you today
I think you opened up, and you tickle me
Up my hand, along my wrist and arm you wander off
Heading towards my sleeve, you peek at what’s inside
Enough I say!  and I shake my arms around
You fling into the garden, my friend has gone away.
Opa says you eat the flowers, but I don’t mind
You aren’t so big that one bloom, would do you fine
Rollie pollie
We’ll play some other time.

Hear Author read in rap time

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