Fall of the United States

The United States of America is duplicating the fall of the Roman Empire. If we are to remain a beacon of light as a place for individual freedom, we must change the course on which we are currently headed. Higher taxation, wokeness, free money, greedy politicians, criminals unpunished, and secular humanism must be eradicated, or we are doomed to follow the fall of the Roman Empire.


1. Vote out the current president and vice president, and several members of Congress.

2. Regain control of the education system teach our children reading, writing, and arithmetic, the rich history of our country and appreciate those who died for our freedom.

3. Address our energy program to take advantage of our vast fossil until we can find a solution for alternative energy.

4. Defeat the concept of “woke.” It is destroying our culture, and our military.

5. Take control of our borders.

6. Fix our criminal justice system.

7. Back term limits for elected members to Congress.

8. Alter the power of career government officials who currently cannot be terminated based on civil service policies.

9. Honor the concept of building strong families.

10. Revive faith in God.

Source: Epoch Times May 19, 2023

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