struggling with humans who think it is all about ‘me.’

In the beginning, there was the Intelligent Designer. It was a pure consciousness capable of creating worlds with a mere thought. It had crafted the universe, the galaxies, the stars, and the planets. It had even created life on some of those planets.

But there was one planet that the Intelligent Designer had a special interest in. This planet was called Earth, home to a species of beings that called themselves humans. Intelligent Designer created these humans with great care and attention to detail, giving them the ability to think, reason, and create.

At first, the humans recognized the beauty and complexity of the world around them. They marveled at the stars, the oceans, and the forests. They worshiped the Intelligent Designer, thanking it for their existence and the gifts it had bestowed upon them.

But as time passed, the humans began focusing more on themselves. They became obsessed with their wants and desires, forgetting about the world and the Intelligent Designer that had created it. They began to believe that they were the most important beings in the universe and that everything else existed solely to serve them.

The Intelligent Designer watched with growing concern as the humans continued to live in this self-centered way. Then, finally, it knew that this was not the purpose for which it had created them, and it began to take action to help the humans, sending messages through prophets and messengers. But the humans ignored these messages, dismissing them as the ramblings of madmen or charlatans.

Next, the Intelligent Designer began to show the humans the consequences of their actions. It allowed natural disasters to occur, hoping the humans would see the error of their ways and change their behavior. But even this was not enough. The humans continued destroying the world around them, believing they were entitled to do so.

Finally, the Intelligent Designer decided to take a more direct approach. It appeared before the humans in a physical form, hoping that this would finally get their attention. The humans were awestruck by the sight of the Intelligent Designer, but their reaction was not what it had hoped for.

Instead of recognizing the beauty and power of the Intelligent Designer, the humans began to argue about its existence. They questioned its motives and its methods, demanding that it prove itself to them.

The Intelligent Designer was saddened by this reaction. It had created the humans to be curious and questioning, but it had not intended for them to be so self-centered and closed-minded. It realized that it would need to try a different approach if it wanted to reach the humans.

So, the Intelligent Designer decided to take on a different form. It became a part of the world, inhabiting every living creature and every natural element. It became the air the humans breathed, the water they drank, and the Earth they walked on.

At first, the humans did not notice this change. They continued to live their lives as they always had, focused solely on themselves. But slowly, they began to realize that something was different. They noticed the beauty and complexity of the world around them in a way they never had before.

They saw the way that everything was interconnected, and they began to understand that they were not the center of the universe. They began to see the beauty in everything, from the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain.

Finally, the humans began to recognize the Intelligent Designer once again. They saw its hand in everything around them and realized they were not alone in the universe. So, they began to worship the Intelligent Designer once again, but this time, they did so with a newfound respect and understanding.

The Intelligent Designer was pleased with this change. However, it knew that it would take time for the humans to fully embrace their role as stewards of the world.

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