The Prince of Darkness

There’s an old political joke that illustrates the dishonest way Marxists pursue power: A comrade advises a candidate for election to claim that his opponent has carnal relations with his farm animals. The candidate says, “You know that’s not true and no one would believe it.” His friend replies: “It doesn’t have to be true. You just need to get your opponent to deny it.”

Inventing false charges against innocent people is a sign of weakness, not strength. But when false allegations are allowed to be repeated without opposition, malicious accusers become increasingly confident in their own lies.

This makes it exceptionally important for good men and women to remember that the sword Marx claimed to have acquired from the “Prince of Darkness” was forged in the fire of deceit, not justice

Epoch Times, April 11, 2023, Bearing False Witness Is a Signature Tactic of the Left, David Brooks

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