United States under attack

They are testing their power under a new system, which isn’t the American system, but something directly in conflict with it. Let’s please not be naïve that this is merely the persecution by one party of the leader of another party. There is much more going on. The American system of liberty under law, and government by and for the people, is being shredded. However bad you think this emergency is, it’s worse. 

The phrase anarcho-tyranny is the opposite of what America was founded to be. We had a republican form of government that established strict limits on government power. The people would be in charge through their elected representatives. We had checks on power.

There were balances within government. Elections would assure that the power would never finally be taken away from the people.

What we are witnessing is a fundamental subversion of this vision and its replacement, for now, by anarcho-tyranny. 

Epoch Times, Tuesday, March 4, 2023 Anarcho-Tyranny Unleashed in the United States

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