Do Americans want EVs?

You would think that U.S. automakers would understand a basic red, white, and blue reality, which is that Americans have a special and longstanding love affair with their cars. They aren’t going to trade in their Mustangs, Camaros, Cadillacs, and trucks for an EV. For many of us, this would be akin to taking away our firstborn.

“There’s scant evidence that EVs will reduce pollution levels more than traditional cars—in part because most of the energy for the batteries comes from burning fossil fuels. And because the batteries themselves create waste issues.” Japanese automaker Toyota. Akio Toyoda, president

How can it be that a Japanese CEO is more plugged in to the tastes, preferences, and buying habits of American car buyers than those based here at home? 

Source: The Epoch Times, January 14, 2023

I have a Mustang Mach e and it is no panacea. I love the car but not the technology. Thursday night my power was off-SCE had a problem and hundreds of households were without electricity for over 8 hours. If I had to charge my car for a Friday morning trip to work or doctor or… I would be powerless, carless.

I always charge when my EV is down to 100 miles-I never know what happens that I might have drive somewhere in a hurry and if my EV is not charged–I am not going!

Advice to Americans–Don’t buy an EV.

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