What are they up to?

What is in the resolutions by the GOP that resolved the vote for McCarthy in the House of Representatives?

Click HERE to view a PDF of the rules and a section-by-section analysis of the House Rules.

You might not find this searching the internet.

Five major concessions include:

  • One lawmaker can trigger a speakership election (which had been abandoned during the Pelosi rule).
  • Limits on Spending.
  • More subcommittee roles for hardliners.
  • Creation of ‘Weaponization’ of Federal Government subcommittee,
  • Changes to House Procedures and term limit vote (72 hours to review bills before they reach the floor).

The rules forced on the GOP by 20 unruly holdouts should make the 118th House of Representatives more accountable to the will of us, the American people.

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