Memory hole

The Orwellian Memory Hole was a large slit used to disposal of paper—the purpose to erase documents or any information by anyone at all times–erasing history.

I read “1984” in college and remember Winston Smith shoving news articles into the slit—erasing history. I shuddered at the rats—a fear I, too, have.

Erasing history by rats defines today’s ruling class as they lie and cheat and steal their way into governing every action we take, even into our very thoughts.

1984 has arrived. We are living under the ever-expanding control by the elite.

We have entered into an age of amnesia with a ruling class that wants everyone to forget the wisdom of the past and even the events of recent history, to forgive but mostly to forget and move on like good little pawns in their game. Just do what we are told and forget everything else.

This is why cultivating a solid memory is so crucial to the preservation of the good and civilized life. The barbarians all around us are constantly inviting us to forget so that we do not learn lessons and do not apply the lessons we learn. Instead we become blank slates for the ruling class to write on daily and then we are more likely to believe them. Better to never learn lessons at all.      Source: Epoch Times, December 12, 2022

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