Book Signing—Pollak Library CSUF

The Event of the Year 15 authors, over 30 books (to view video click HERE)

Pollak Library North Wing Lobby across from Starbucks on November 10, from 11 am to 2 pm

Pollak Library North Wing Lobby

OLLI-CSUF Authors:

Barbara L. Unsworth:

  • Fifty-Two Dos to Do: See the sights of Southern California-less tourist-trampled places
  • Be Prompt, Humor: the author writes of the little things, the details, the fingernail clippings in the beauty salon of life.
  • Be More Prompt: Fly along as the author wings of whimsy whisk you from topic to topic

Ann Casas:

  • The Adventures of Constantino Pineapoli: The Moral Compass: a story for children ages 7 to 10. The adventures Constantino shares with his friends and family teach him lessons about life
  • Good Morning Mrs. Casas: Lessons Learned as a Classroom Teacher: classroom experiences of the author as a high school teacher

Jennie Lance: (pseudonym for Ann Casas)

  • The House of Tomorrow, A Story of Survival: a memoir delving into Muslim faith and traditions
  • The Poems of Jennie Lance: the author’s poetry as a cathartic experience of life

Stephen Sixta:

  • The Good Virus, A Highly Infectious Novel: a satirical novel that considers what might happen if a virus made grumpy, impolite people happier and more considerate.

Betty Daron Redmon:

  • I’m a Grandma Now: Imagine That!: a humorous viewpoint of being a senior and a grandmother

Veronica Michalowski:

  • Arts Poetic: Ekphrastic Poetry: poetry inspired by art
  • One Family of Poetry: A Memoir: poetry inspired by family photographs
  • Body Landscape: The Delights and Dregs of Dating: poetry inspired by the author’s ups and downs of getting back to dating
  • Return to a Natal Place: The Importance of Home: poetry exploring the many meanings of home

Patricia Cline Higgins:

  • Life Recipes: memories of seven independent trail-breaking women in the author’s family

Jeanette Reese:

  • It wasn’t supposed to end this way: finding hope after loss, the author created a process to transform the pain in her life to a future full of meaning—a love story.
  • From Masks to Sculpture: an anthology of stories, poetry and art by survivors of the Covid-19 shutdown. (Jeanette will be representing the OLLI members)

Alice Gresto:

  • Lifelines and Labyrinths: poetry about the author’s rich life experiences
  • Grey Matters Poetic Synapses: An anthology by poets in the Poetry for Pleasure class, OLLI-CSUF (Alice will be representing the Poetry for Pleasure class)

Fritz von Coelln:

  • Rollie Pollie Rap: Illustrated poem about a sow bug for children ages 3 to 6
  • Charlie’s Challenge: A “True” Story: anillustrated story about a polar bear for children ages 4 to 9
  • Catharsis: coming to grips with grief:  two poets expressing grief of losing their spouse and getting on with life
  • Santa Catalina Island: Circa 1905 pictorial view of Santa Catalina Island reprint

Larry R. Macklin: Sister Mercy Trilogy

  • Sister Mercy: A Catholic Nun Crime Romance Novel: a detective ends up with a nun in his lap in a confessional and the mystery begins.
  • Heartstead: Sister Mercy II: two very different women meet and the impossible happens
  • Reclamation: Sister Mercy II: violence and a new life and the impossible happens

Florine Miller:

  • Stand and Shout Out Quietly: a biographical novel about Dr. Evelyn Hooker:  Dr. Hooker’s research credited with bringing legitimacy to the homosexual population

Marty Cole:

  • My Amazing Transformation of Love, Courage and Wisdom: The author’s life story of battling the issues in life
  • My Love Story: Book of Poetry: poetry of life: love, inspiration, gratitude, wisdom, joy, and peace
  • Journey of Love: Memoirs and Life Lessons: a story of two kindred spirits from opposite sides of the world destined by grace and united by joy, music, and the soul’s unrelenting urge toward spiritual fulfillment. (In conjunction with Aurora Belderol)

Keni Ilo Brayton:

  • Children of the Prairie: An Accidental Memoir: a window of the hopes and sorrows of a Great Plains homestead

Stephanie Leon:

  • The Answer is Armadillos: How to Save a Species: Behind my story is a serious and timely truth: that what happens on one continent can affect the other and that the younger generation can make things better

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