Collect #34

Dear Heavenly Father,

     You have what we search for each day.  Your love.  Your love is a oneness and fullness of light and joy that is beyond our understanding, but not beyond the knowing of our hearts.  Our honest and good love for our children, our spouses our dearest friends is but an infinitesimal speck in the greatness of Your love.

     You created our hearts and souls to long for this love.  We were created to eat, You gave us food; to drink, You gave us water; to run and dance, You gave us legs.  You crowned humankind with Spirit, You gave us Your love.  That Spirit of love lies all about us.  It lies in the inner most workings of our bodies and minds.

    We must learn to see it, to know it and to feel it.  Many of us are blinded by the patterns and teachings of the world.  In Your love for us, You gave us Your son.  He came to love, teach and die for us.  He embraces the broken-hearted.  He weeps as he holds out His hand to the souls living in despair, rage and hate.

     You gave us the two great commandments “that sum up the entire Bible, the Laws, the Prophets and the Gospels: to love God with all our minds, hearts and souls and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.” 

 Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice.

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