Collect #33

Dearest Heavenly Father,

     We are learning to ask You into our lives when we awake in the morning.  Every Good Morning spoken to you is teaching our minds and bodies a new way to greet the day.  Our minds no longer dwell on threads of worries and anxieties that linger from the previous days in the pathways of our minds and the sinews of our bodies. 

     The ingrained messages of fear are replaced by the truest thought we will ever have, Your love for us.  Your love becomes our sieve.  We learn to wash the thoughts we have practiced over our life-times through the sieve.  Your sieve will retain the parasites that eat away at our souls and what will remain is Your love.

    With new eyes we will see the world around us.  We will see the work of Your creation in the tiniest flower forgotten by the wayside; its beauty robed in Your light and love.   Doubts and fears will exist, but they will not prevail.  The Presence of Your love will prevail.  The calamities of life will surely cross our paths, Your love will give us the strength and will to “give thanks in all circumstances.”  Through your sieve have passed “faith, hope and love.  And the greatest of these is love.”

     Rejoice in the Lord always.

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