Oh, Well….

We need more Elon Musks and Bill Gates and Henry Fords and….

We were discussing the United States and the effects of big government vs. entrepreneurs. I, of course, promoting liberty and freedom and accountability, while my opponent opting for government fingers in everything.

Elon has his issues but look at what he has done—Tesla, SpaceX and on and on. Oh, Oh, he is promoting the continued value of fossil fuels and conservative viewpoints—now he is the demon in the eyes of some, who, only a year ago, deemed him a god –saving the environment. Bill Gates? Rich, too rich for some, yet he virtually changed the world by dumping his studies mid-college and developing the future of computing in his garage. Ops, Elon made his money from PayPal, and being rich, he can do anything and Bill Gates…he is just rich, but he made the populace of the entire world richer.

Henry Ford was a segregationist, but he changed the world for the small people–$5 a day pay so his employees could afford the cars they produced. Ok, someone would have done it if not Henry—but not at government decree.

I asked my antagonist to name one successful program our government has done!

The road system was one answer—that was in the Eisenhower era. Name one today. The space program was another answer, pointing to a rocket—that did not launch the other day. The government throws money around, and all sorts of scabs catch it and purloin it.

I did not win the conversation. I am convinced of my individual freedom view, but my opponent is convinced of his worldview for the masses.

Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Well….

  1. Who is your opponent and why praise Bill Gates who is in bed with Fauci and big Pham etc??? Don’t understand. Cindy

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