Collect #31

Dear Heavenly Father,

     You are the Gift-Giver.  Your greatest Gift is the Gift of Love.  It is Your Love in our Spirit that makes us “like the wind blowing wherever it pleases whose comings and goings” are the wonder of Love.  

     It is also what sustains us in our neediest hours.  Loss of those things and people who have given our life meaning and purpose can break our souls with the force of a mallet and chisel breaking a stone. 

    We can never comprehend the greatness of Your Love for “as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so is Your love higher than our love.”

    Your Love holds back the stones of loss that would break our souls.  Your Love sustains our hope and trust in you.  We abide in You.  Abiding there leads us to feel the Presence of Your Love and share it with others. Who will ever know what casual act of kindness has stopped a stone ready to crush the soul of another’s grieving heart?

     Rejoice in the Lord always,

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