Vote in November

Remember What They Did When You Vote in November

Common sense and actual science went out the window and were replaced by fear-based political science and mandates that just about destroyed our country. Here are a few of the lowlights that occurred:

  • Schools were closed
  • Churches, synagogues, and mosques were closed, while liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and Planned Parenthood were allowed to remain open and deemed “essential.”
  • Plexiglass barriers were put up everywhere
  • Six feet distancing dots spread like a rash
  • One-way aisles at grocery stores directed the flow of foot traffic
  • Band members at schools were placed in bubbles
  • Our children were forced to wear masks
  • They mandated experimental vaccines and fired workers who refused the jab.
  • Natural immunity was discounted
  • They mandated testing of asymptomatic healthy people with a flawed and potentially harmful nasal swab
  • They stopped the visitations of loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes, many of whom died alone without loved ones at their side.
  • Differing opinions were censored and banned from social media
  • Safe, effective, and inexpensive early treatment with repurposed medication was prevented in favor of expensive, harmful, and unproven drugs.
  • The actual science was corrupted. Studies that did not support the government’s accepted narrative were not allowed to be published.

Source: click HERE

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