Physical book is out….

You say you will never give up the physical book that you hold in your hand and turn the literal pages.  The same thing about downloading music from iTunes. You want to buy a hard copy CD but change your mind when you can get albums for half the price without ever leaving home to get the latest music.  The same thing will happen with books.  You can browse a bookstore online and even read a preview chapter before you buy.  And the price is less than half that of a real book.  And think of the convenience!  Once you start flicking your fingers on the screen instead of the book, you find that you are lost in the story, can’t wait to see what happens next, and you forget that you’re holding a gadget instead of a book.

“Buy my paperback or hardcover book” is out. eBook is in! You may by our latest book, From Masks to Sculpture in eBook format—only $1.99 from Amazon. Put it on your smart phone, notepad, kindle, computer and read anywhere. What a buy!

I still like the feel of a book in hand vs. a techie screen with tiny words and screen glare.

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