Renewable energy not there yet….

I have solar panels on my roof and an EV (Ford Mustang Mach e) in my garage. The solar panels were designed to offset electrical usage in my home. Now, with an all-electric car, I need to increase the number of panels by 40 %.  

Yesterday my solar panels only produced only 7 kWh of electricity because it was cloudy and rained-insufficient to supply my home.

The day before they produced 24 kwHr of electricity-the sun was delightfully shining all day-I need several sunny days to make up for cloudy days.

Renewable energy produced by solar panels (or windmills) is not sufficient. We need to continue utilizing carbon-based energy for some time in the future.

How much did you pay for gas yesterday? $6 average in Southern California. How much higher will it go-$10, $15?

How much energy will the world need? Click HERE

Write your representatives in California and in Congress to support reducing our administration’s war on energy production.

One thought on “Renewable energy not there yet….

  1. Good for you Honey. The truth is the truth and reality is reality. 😊ya. Cindy

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