Fake ’em and go to jail.

China and others are making fake vaccine cards, and it is not easy to spot that it is a fake. The simple cardboard card is easy to forge, and you will probably get away with it for a quick double scotch at the Botanica on Greene and Mulberry in NYC. The bar owner would have to check with the database, which could be any of dozens in states and private.

I checked my status with the State of California digital record system, and in 30 seconds, I got my digital record.

That means your employer, or an airline, or even Botanica Bar in NYC could check your status if they want to.

Want a fake ID? Well, the article on counterfeit IDs has a picture of a fake ID that you can copy, write your name in it, and….

Downbeat, five years in jail if you get caught. You probably won’t early on, but in the near future, you better get it right and get on a database.

Besides, it only hurts for a day or two or a week, and you might get all kinds of side effects and might end up really sick or die. Yes, we all have to die sometime. Not getting the vaccine might even be more brutal. A friend lost her hair and got sores all over her legs. But what the hell.

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