July 1776–2021


This one-page declaration written by Thomas Jefferson and approved by Congress in July of 1776 turned a few British colonies across the pond into a beacon of freedom and liberty to the world.

Our nation was founded not on political power, territory or ethnicity but on the idea that the purpose of government was to protect individual rights.

The signers understood the extreme risk they were taking. Most did not fair well and were either killed or died in poverty. Yet they closed with these remarkable words. 

These magnificent words and their message of “All men are Created Equal” that encourage equal opportunity and guarantee equal justice under the law are no longer spoken in government schools throughout California. 

It is now, as it always has been, up to you to teach your children about the gift given us by our forefathers. Take time to read The Declaration of Independence out loud to any gathering you attend, especially to your children.

Celebrate Independence Day, the Fourth of July, by reading our constitution, praying for our country, and then join us in fighting for freedom. Don’t let them take away your liberty.

Source: Michael Alexander

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