“Woke” Ideology Will Get You

Four fundamental “truths” the “radical left” endorses “hold to be self-evident:”

1. “Woke” ideology, premised on a set of quasi-Marxist theories, divides society into “oppressors” and the “oppressed” based on characteristics such as race, sex, class, or sexual proclivities.

2. Evidence of oppression is the inequality between groups; if the designated “oppressed” group does on average worse in some regard than the designated “oppressor” group, it is virtually unassailable proof of “oppression.”

3. Peaceful dialog and understanding between the groups are impossible since the dominant group’s strategy is to retain its power.

4. Because of the above, violence is justified to eradicate the inequities.

Better Left Unsaid,” a documentary exploring Woke Ideology

The United States is under attack from within. Stop “Wokeness” or be destroyed. Our exceptional nation of all nations of the world is threatened. Our US Constitution has provided the everyday citizen a voice and a place in governance. Flawed as it is, our citizenry continually strives to improve on our weaknesses, and great strides have been made to “form a more perfect union.” Be mindful of the progress made for people of color, women, the disenfranchised, and more, much, much more just in my lifetime.

Stand up against this threat by the elite, the petty bourgeoise. Don’t let them take us down the path to destruction and totalitarian slaughter.

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