The Cycle of Freedom

The Cycle of Freedom

For deep bondage in a nation produces great faith.
Great faith produces great courage.
Great courage
 produces great freedom.
Great freedom
 produces great abundance.
Great abundance
 produces great apathy.
Great apathy
 produces great dependence.
Great dependence produces great bondage.

Where are we, today, in this divided nation and the cycle of freedom? Apathy? Dependence?

America is the most unique most exceptional country in the world.

I want Freedom, not dependency. I want government to leave me alone. I don’t want government to take care of me

Government in America should provide the opportunity to thrive, survive, be alive with freedom and liberty. America has flaws and must live up to better ideals and a better self but it has done a pretty good job—it has been heading in the right direction. The one percent, those who strive to break it up, tear it down are doing a disservice to the 99% of Americans.

Stand up against the chaos of the one percent. Speak up.

According to the 2015 Social Progress Index:

  • Americans treat their tired, their poor, their huddled masses better than anyone else! When it comes to basic life and health amenities.
  • We have the best educational system in the world! Who could possibly do more?
  • Americans are safer than any other people in the world. And if anyone is safer, it’s obviously thanks to America.
  • No country is less racist than the United States! Since when has “all men are created equal” not been completely true?
  • Americans live longer, happier lives than anyone else.
  • No one is more free to challenge tyranny than Americans. You can say whatever you want here!
  • We’re the freest people in the world. No one is more free than us. Freedom!

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