Against the US Constitution

“Today, Texas legislators put forth a bill (voter ID and other regulations) that joins Georgia and Florida in advancing a state law that attacks the sacred right to vote, ” Biden said in a statement to The Texas Tribune. “It’s part of an assault on democracy that we’ve seen far too often this year — and often disproportionately targeting Black and Brown Americans.”

Yet in Europe, all but the UK requires voter ID, and the UK has a law in process to require it. Realclearinvestigations.

I saw voter ID work in Georgia on January 5th when inspecting a polling location. In fact, the poll supervisor laughed at me when I said that California does not require voter ID, saying, “and you blame Georgia for voting problems!” 

In Georgia, the voter shows the ID and, in 15 seconds, is approved to vote. In those few (less than 1%) occasions that the voter is not approved, a poll worker calls the registrar of voters office to confirm or deny the voter’s registration and then, if approved, allows a provisional ballot. Conversely, during my inspection of polling locations in North Orange County, dozens upon dozens upon dozens of persons claim to vote and are given provisional ballots with little or no proof. Fraud? Maybe, or maybe not but there is the potential.

HR1 simply forces states to comply with unconscionable voter laws. Congress is exceeding its lawful authority that has been placed in the jurisdiction of the states by the United States Constitution.

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