Unintended consequences of this bloated stimulus places a tremendous burden on the future of America and will instill the “give-me-more” stance from those unwilling to take responsibility for their lives. This is not what America’s founders envisioned. It will not be the panecea envisioned by the elite of the swamp-it may inflict damage by emboldering them.

According to the Wall Street Journal: the Biden administration has come around to acknowledging that its Covid-19 relief package—the “most progressive piece of legislation in history,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki bragged the other day—has little to do directly with Covid. 

History shows that no government program has been able to match what people can do for themselves, and this applies equally to some of society’s most historically marginalized groups. No Great Society program was ever able to match the rate of progress made by blacks—in poverty reduction, income, homeownership or other measures—before that program’s implementation. Instead of helping, welfare-state expansions too often become lures and traps, inflicting damage that can last generations. 

This bloated stimulus is a blunderbuss approach to a disaster–the Frenchie style Revolution: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.” To quote Patrick Henry, Give me Liberty or give me Death.

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