Voting machines for the March 9, 2021, Second Supervisorial District Vacancy Election are accurate! Forty-one machines tested with about six votes each, and each machine accounted correctly the votes entered. Seems like a very small test for a district with nearly 400,000 registered voters. 

The test apparently did not assure that the machines are safe from hackers or manipulation, although no concerns of such chicanery were confirmed in the 2020 November elections.

Michelle Steel was Second District Supervisor and relinquished her seat when she went on to be a US Congressional Representative in January. Candidates to fill her seat are John Moorlach, Katrina Foley, Janet Rappaport, Michael Vo, and Kevin Muldoon.  

Full press release follows:

The voting system and all voting equipment were tested and audited in preparation for the March 9, 2021, Second Supervisorial District Vacancy Election.

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, the Orange County Registrar of Voters conducted mandatory and routine Logic and Accuracy testing of its voting system and components for the upcoming March 9, 2021, Second Supervisorial District Vacancy Election. California election offices are required to meet strict standards and procedures set by the California Secretary of State prior to deploying voting equipment to be used by voters.

Logic & Accuracy testing is conducted on the voting system and the voting equipment that will be used in the election to ensure the hardware and software are working together properly as individual units and as a combined system. Accuracy is tested by casting and tabulating test ballots to determine whether the expected votes and tallied votes match, and logic testing ensures that the vote tabulation program and hardware correctly interpret, summarize, and report the voters’ choices.

The logic and accuracy tests were successfully completed in a public setting. The tests confirmed the voting equipment is recording votes correctly. For more information and to view the full Tally Report, visit ocvote.com/testing

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