We Live In Fear.

We live in fear.  Fear to be canceled, doxxed, even physically attacked if we express views contrary to the “politically correct” viewpoint of the left. 

The attorney representing President Trump during the impeachment trial had his house vandalized.  He has received death threats. He was doing his job defending people. That is his right in context with the United States Constitution. 

Mike Lindel’s company has been canceled by nearly 20 retail stores because he has spoken out against apparent wrongs committed by Washington’s elite. That is his opinion, right or wrong, and he is guaranteed by our Constitution to express his opinion. 

Parler’s access to Amazon’s servers was cutoff. Apple and Google canceled Parlor.  Now you have no place, no refuge, no platform to express your conservative viewpoint. You can’t twit or FaceBook or…if you wish to express your conservative views.

Time for conservatives to stop supporting companies that are stomping on our right to speak. Click HERE for companies to avoid.  The top ten follow:

Twitter, FaceBook, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Netflix, Google, Disney, The NBA, Apple, and The NFL.

Not easy since so many companies are woven into our daily lives, particularly high-tech and social media. We try to buy a product online from anyone other than Amazon.

We live in fear….

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