Conservative Values

Ronald Reagan’s 10 conservative values, interestingly, did not include freedom of speech. Maybe the threat was not recognized in the ‘80s as it is today. We are canceled and doxxed and social-media shuttered for expressing ourselves, our opinions, our agendas. The first amendment to our constitution prevents congress from prohibiting free speech. 

I detest what I consider to be “hate speech,” but It is totally subjective. Do we really want to give the government the power to define the undefinable, and risk living in a time where telling someone not using the correct term for gender, for instance, could result in criminal prosecution?

Nothing said about power-corrupt big business and the elite—so there! They can and do. The ramifications are for individuals, and currently conservatives, marginalized by elements of our society. Our only defense is to not use their products or vote for them. Who should be on our boycott list? Ah, fodder for the next blog.

Reagan’s ten values follow:

  1. The right to privacy: Conservative values often place emphasis on the need for Americans to be able to live freely, without influence from the government or media. Lately, this has been evidenced in conservative support for privacy on the Internet.
  2. Self-defense: Many right-leaning Americans agree that the nation’s future is contingent upon protecting itself from domestic and foreign threats.
  3. Justice: All Americans deserve to live freely and equally.
  4. Limited government: Most top conservative values are driven by the idea that America functions best when its citizens can govern themselves, with limited influence from the federal government.
  5. Self-help: Conservatives recognize that Americans have the capacity to lift themselves out of negative situations and should invest in self-improvement instead of relying on government or other sources.
  6. Hard work: Each American has an obligation to invest in and contribute to society.
  7. The value of the free market: Competition drives growth and progress,
  8. Pride in country: Conservatives believe patriotism should be a natural part of each American’s life.
  9. Opposition to special interests: The government and its leaders should operate independently of pressure from special interest groups.
  10. Sanctity of the Constitution: Our nation’s founding fathers were guided by a core set of principles when they laid down the framework for the country, and those goals should continue to be upheld, according to conservatives.

Today add the 11th value: 

  1. Freedom of Speech: one of the greatest things about living in the United States is that we have the absolute freedom to say whatever we want about our government, while being protected against government retaliation

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