EIPCa Sues California for Constitutional Violations

I know this is like “beating a dead horse,” however, EIPCa has done its homework and has the proof. How do I know? I provided some of it during the 2018 and 2020 elections as a vote center observer. And no, we found no issues while observing the last week’s runoff vote in Georgia. And yes, we deplore the Washington DC riot last Wednesday. We are embarrassed by such a tragedy.

On Monday, January 4, 2021 Election Integrity Project®California, Inc. along with ten CA Congressional Candidates filed lawsuit 2-21-cv-00032 Complaint – Doc No 1 against Alex Padilla, CA Secretary of State, Xavier Becerra, CA Attorney General, Gavin Newsom, CA Governor and thirteen CA County Registrar of Voters.


  1. Our Constitutional Republic is founded on the sacred right of every eligible citizen to cast an equal vote to determine who will represent him or her in government.  The Constitution of the United States guarantees this right through the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment and, in the case of Federal congressional elections, through the Elections Clause (Art. I, § 4, cl. 1).  It also “guarantee[s] to every State . . . a Republican Form of Government, and protect[ion] . . . against Invasion in the Guarantee Clause.  (Art. IV, § 4.)
  1. Over the past three decades in California, however, these rights have been intentionally eroded by an onslaught of unconstitutional statutes, regulations and executive orders, which, taken together, are designed to create an environment in which elections could be manipulated and eligible voters disenfranchised.

To read full complaint click HERE

2 thoughts on “EIPCa Sues California for Constitutional Violations

  1. Yeah, it is like beating a dead horse, Fritz. But it may be worse than that. A dead horse is dead and cannot be ridden any further. The situation we are in now is more like gangrene. Invasive. Contagious. Fatal. I posit the West, in general, and America, in particular, are fatally infected with cultural gangrene. Too large a proportion of “our fellow Americans “ are supportive of suicidal attacks upon their own systems. They are, essentially, saboteurs or domestic terrorists. Such are nearly impossible to control or overcome. Your thoughts?


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