Don’t Give Up on America

“There is much to be done, more than inevitably limited people can see at a given moment. But the other side of our limitation is the fact that it carries with it a promise that we still might see a new birth of freedom, and another one beyond that. Democracy is the great instrument of human advancement. We have no right to fail it.”  By Marilynne Robinson, October 9, 2020 NYT

She continues, “It is often said that America is an idea, stated definitively in early documents left to us by a coterie of men seemingly too compromised to have come up with such glorious language — as we would be, too, if we should happen to achieve anything comparable. Human beings are sacred, therefore equal. We are asked to see one another in the light of a singular inalienable worth that would make a family of us if we let it.”

“The ethic in these words should be the standard by which we judge ourselves, our social arrangements, our dealings with the vast family of humankind. It will always find us wanting. The idea is a progressive force, constantly and necessarily exposing our failures and showing us new paths forward.”

As worthy as these statements are, Ms. Robinson’s conclusion is flawed. Of course we want to constantly acknowledge our failures and proceed to improve our nation, it’s systems and it’s culture. However….

To “Keep America Great” we must abide by these truths and precepts: Individual freedom, our Constitution, capitalism and the American Dream, law and order, our military and police, our right to free speech, the good against evil, our freedom of religion, our light to shine for the world to see.

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